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Workplace Counselling

Does your workplace need to be more happy, harmonious, motivating and productive?

Your workforce is made up of a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures; and as they spend a good third of their lives in your organisation, personal problems and workplace grievances are unavoidable.

Give your firm a health check by engaging a Counsellor to attend your workplace on a regular basis to see your employees and managers. The Counsellor will establish rapport with your workers and make available time for one on one meetings.

Benefits to the Individual

  • A third party can help the employee to see an objective view of their issues
  • Outside support keeps individual issues confidential creating a willingness for discussion
  • Helps the employee work through personal and work problems to achieve solutions
  • Support for employees with family issues – parenting, separation, divorce, and death
  • Support for employees with health issues – weight, diet, substance abuse, and fitness
  • Helps the employee to achieve job satisfaction

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Happy employees means a happy and more productive workplace
  • Sorts through underlying problems that can hinder performance
  • Improves employee absenteeism and retention
  • Helps employees to achieve job satisfaction, motivation, and peak performance
  • Assists the organisation receive maximum engagement from its employees
  • Helps achieve high performing employees providing quality customer service

Providing Employee Counselling can be a win/win situation where both the employee and the organisation benefit through:

Job Satisfaction = Motivation = Peak Performance = High Productivity = Job Satisfaction

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