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Vanine Worklife Directions

Worklife Directions 

Career Transition Coaching
Life Counselling and Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Small Business Coaching

Worklife Directions
 is a local Cairns based service operating since 2012. It provides professional Coaching and Mentoring specialising in the areas of Career Development and Career Transition, Life Pathways Transition, Executive Leadership, and Business Start Up and Growth.

As a coach, mentor, trainer and counsellor, my aim is to help you to define your goals and achieve them in a one on one, personal environment. Programs are for:

• Organisations
seeking leadership coaching and mentoring for managers and executives, employee transition and outplacement, workplace counselling, critical incident counselling, and performance management consulting and coaching.

• Small Business intenders or owners seeking guidance, coaching and mentoring for all stages of business including start-up, growth, expansion, diversification, and sustainability.

• Individuals searching for an inspirational purpose or pathway in life, looking at career transition, job change, job promotion, dealing with job loss, starting a career, or for students making decisions on school or uni/college course subjects.

One of my favourite afirmations is:  "The only way we can live is if we grow.  The only way we can grow is if we change.  The only way we can change is if we learn.  The only way we learn is if we are exposed.  The only way we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open.  Do it!  Throw yourself!  C. JoyBell C.

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phone:  0417 274 558


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Worklife directions supports the research on and protection of endangered native australian animals.

For a quick response  to your enquiry email me.

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