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Successful Interview Techniques

What is this coaching about?

For many of us the interview is a huge stumbling block. The Interview Techniques coaching will assist you in overcoming those barriers and assist you in securing that perfect job. In this coaching you will learn about:

  •     Personal presentation
  •     Projecting self confidence
  •     Types of interview questions and how to answer them
  •     Different types of interviews
  •     Negotiating and accepting job offers
  •     Role playing an actual interview.

How Long will the coaching take?

1.5 hours completion

What will I gain from this coaching?

If you are looking at starting a career, re-entering the workforce, changing your career and/or employer, or seeking a promotion within your present employment, this popular coaching is a must.

Cost: $165.00 for 1.5 hours includes the Successful Interview Techniques workbook