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Managing Job Change

What is this coaching about?

Dealing with job loss is a very emotional and stressful time. Many people have been affected at all levels and in all professions, industries and sectors.  In this coaching you will learn coping, resilience, and planning strategies that will enable you to come to terms with job loss and see the opportunities ahead.  Topics include:

  • The reason for change
  • Coping with job loss
  • Dealing with stress
  • Building resilience
  • Creating your happy plan
  • Moving onwards and upwards
  • Planning your future

How long will the coaching take?

The coaching takes a minimum of 1.0 hour

What will I gain from this coaching?

This powerful program will help you through the shock and stress of losing your job, provide strategies for coping and building resilience; and then guide you forward enabling you to turn the corner, move on with your life and exciting new career prospects.

Cost:  $95.00 per hour includes the Managing Job Change workbook