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Life After Work

What is this coaching about?

When you finally decide to quit work, have you thought about how you will replace the 8 hours or so each day doing something meaningful that you will enjoy?  Most retirees plan their finances and where they are going to live, but neglect to plan how they will fill in their time.  In this coaching you will learn how to reprogram yourself and plan so that you live a full and happy life in retirement. It covers:

  • Making the transition from work to your new life
  • Keeping work friendships
  • A million and one ideas to fill in your time
  • The way to good health
  • Can physical fitness reduce aging?
  • What about mental fitness?
  • Finances and other stuff

How long will the coaching take?

A minimum of 1.0 hour

What will I gain from this coaching?

If you are wanting to retire from work or you have already left and you don't know what to do with yourself, this coaching will provide you with a new view on life, ideas for making some meaningful changes, and a plan ready for action to achieve your goals.

Cost: $95.00 per hour includes Life After Work workbook