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Leading Effective Innovation

Is the second workshop in a two-part series on Change and Innovation, focussing on Organisational Culture and People

What is the Workshop About?

Innovation is linked to positive changes in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitiveness, market share, and cultural values enabling performance improvements.  As leaders, this workshop will give you an understanding of how innovation can be imbedded into the culture of an organisation, and how people in the workplace can be engaged to find innovative solutions.  The areas covered include:

  • Understanding innovation and its benefits
  • Linking innovation to business goals
  • Developing an internal culture
  • Motivating and rewarding employees
  • Connecting with customers and partners
  • Monitoring and benchmarking innovation

Who Should Attend this Workshop?

Senior Managers of organisations that have been through or are going through change.  If you are planning change in the future, consider completing the first workshop in the series Leading Successful Change before attending this one.

Workshop Duration and Delivery

This activity based workshop can be delivered both internally and externally over half a day.

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