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Taking Your Career By The Horn

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’Workshops and Coaching’


Identifying Career Choices

What is this coaching about?

Often the stumbling block to achieving job satisfaction is not knowing what career you want to pursue? In this workshop you will find out your personality type, what motivates you, your unique personal and work skills through a series of self assessments; you will identify career options through a professional career assessment; and then match these with suitable and practical choices through your career coach.  Topics covered include:

  • The importance of choosing a suitable career
  • Professional career assessment and self assessments
  • Personality and career drivers
  • Identifying and assessing your skills
  • Identifying your interests and values
  • Exploring career options
  • Goal setting

How long will the coaching take?

2.0 hours completion

What will I gain from this coaching?

An understanding of the type of work and careers you might be best suited to by working through a series of self assessment activities and completing an online Career Assessment.  This will then allow you to look at practical options in choosing a career; and finally, selection and long lasting motivation and job satisfaction.

Cost: $215.00 for 2.0 hours includes Identifying Career Choices workbook and Career Assessment report.