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Effective Job Applications - Resumes/Cover Letters/Selection Criteria

What is this coaching about?

The Effective Job Applications coaching will direct you in creating your own resume , cover letter, and address selection criteria to attract potential employers. The end result will be a powerful marketing tool that will serve you in getting to the interview. In this coaching you will learn about:

  •     Different types of resumes and their purposes
  •     Age barrier breakers
  •     What goes into a resume and importantly - what doesn’t
  •     The style and presentation
  •     Submitting a resume
  •     Creating cover letters and addressing selection criteria

How long will the coaching take?

A minimum of 1.0 hour

What will I gain from this coaching?

If you are looking at starting a career, a total career change, re-entering the workforce or want to secure that perfect job with a current or new employer, this coaching will provide you with the tools.

Cost: $95.00 per hour includes the Effective Job Applications workbook