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Taking Your Career By The Horn

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’Workshops and Coaching’


Achieving Your Career Potential - 5 session coaching program   

Why should I do the coaching?

If you need to broaden your experience, you are tired of doing the same career and don't know what to do, tired of chopping and changing careers trying to find your niche, have experienced retrenchment, you are transitioning due to medical reasons, or you are a high school student choosing a course of study for higher education, this disciplined  5 session program will take you through the necessary steps to set you on the right path.

The program will identify your:

  •    True motivations
  •    Career options
  •    Work preferences
  •    Transferable skills
  •    Training and courses
  •    Planning and implementing actions

How long will the coaching program take?

There are 5 x 1 hour sessions covering the above areas.  Ideally the sessions should be conducted weekly but can be scheduled to suit you.

What will I gain from the coaching program?

It will steer you in the right direction in making important decisions about your career. The sessions will give you guidance in what occupations you are best suited to, personal and functional skills you can transfer to another occupation, explore suitable courses and training to take, develop a plan, and implement identified actions to meet your goals.

Cost: $460.00 total includes Career Assessment Report